• Act 48 Courses

    This list includes courses frequently taken by Act 48 students. Check with your district representative to determine if your selection is appropriate for your district's Act 48 plan. 

     3 to 4 credits 

    1 to 2 credits

    ART-103 Art History - Ancient 
    ART-104 Art History - Modern 
    ART-106 Art Appreciation 
    ART-109 Drawing 1  
    ART-113 Graphic Communication 1 
    ART-114 Two-Dimensional Design  
    ART-122 Painting 1  
    ART-129 Printmaking 1
    ART-130 Photography 1  
    ART-137 Ceramics 1  
    ART-138 Sculpture 1  
    ART-142 Jewelry Making 1  
    ART-144 Digital Photography  
    ART-148 Color 
    ART-150 Computer Graphics 1   
    ART-153 Raku-Lowfire Ceramics 1
    ART-154 Ceramic Sculpture
    ART-160 Portfolio
    ART-165 Digital Publishing
    ART-168 Digital Imaging
    ART-170 Web Graphic Design
    ART-207 Drawing 2
    ART-222 Painting 2
    ART-223 Three-Dimensional Design
    ART-229 Printmaking 2
    ART-230 Photography 2
    ART-232 Photo Journalism
    ART-237 Ceramics 2
    ART-238 Sculpture 2
    ART-242 Jewelry Making 2/Adv Metal-Smithing
    ART-250 Computer Graphics
    ART-252 Painting 3
    ART-253 Raku-Low Fire Ceramics 2
    ART-256 Printmaking 3
    ART-258 Ceramics 3
    ART-260 European Art/Architecture
    ART-291 Advanced Art Workshop 1
    ART-292 Advanced Art Workshop 2
    ART-293 Advanced Art Workshop 3
    ART-294 Advanced Art Workshop 4

    BIO-100 Life Science 
    BIO-103 Human Biology 
    BIO-107 Pharmacology 
    BIO-110 Intro to Biological Science   
    BIO-115 Human Biology in Health & Disease 
    BIO-117 Introduction to Nutrition  
    BIO-120 Human Rep/Sexually Transmitted Diseases  
    BIO-123 Medical Biology & Terminology 
    BIO-133 Environmental Science 
    BIO-140 Food Microbiology 
    BIO-151 General Biology 1 
    BIO-152 General Biology 2 
    BIO-160 Introduction to Human Pathology 
    BIO-161 Anatomy & Physiology 1    
    BIO-162 Anatomy & Physiology 2 
    BIO-175 Microbiology 
    BIO-201 Botany 
    BIO-202 Zoology 
    BIO-206 Animal Behavior 
    BIO-207 Genetics   
    BIO-209 Cardiopulmonary Anatomy/Physiology  
    BIO-216 Cell Biology  
    BIO-240 Environmental Biology  
    BIO-241 Pathophysiology

    CHM-109 Introduction to Chemistry 
    CHM-110 Introductory Chemistry
    CHM-118 Chemistry of Art
    CHM-120 Bio-Organic Chemistry
    CHM-151 General Chemistry 1
    CHM-152 General Chemistry 2
    CHM-201 Organic Chemistry 1
    CHM-202 Organic Chemistry 2

    Dietetic & Food Management 
    DIT-106 Fundamentals of Nutrition

    Early Education & Child Development
    ECD-104 Preschool Development   
    ECD-113 Middle Childhood/Adolescent Dev   
    ECD-202 Children With Special Needs
    ECD-210 Clinical Skills With Children

    EDU-155 Humor:Create Positive Envir Learn
    EDU-201 Foundations of Education 
    EDU-202 Instructional Technology  
    EDU-203 Current Issues in Education

    MAT-102 Mathematical Concepts 
    MAT-108 Intermediate Algebra 
    MAT-111 College Algebra

    Political Science 
    POL-101 Intro to Political Science
    POL-103 American Government
    POL-110 State and Local Government
    POL-115 The American Constitution
    POL-201 Modern Political Thought
    POL-206 International Relations

    PSY-108 Human Growth & Development  
    PSY-114 Human Sexuality  
    PSY-210 Child Psychology

    SOC-101 Introduction to Sociology 
    SOC-117 Understanding Chem Dependency 
    SOC-118P Drug & Alcohol Clinical Practicum
    SOC-160 Intro to Women's Studies
    SOC-201 Sociology of the Family
    SOC-202 Human Aging
    SOC-208 Urban Sociology
    SOC-210 The Sociology of Sexual Behavior
    SOC-211 Racial and Ethnic Minorities
    SOC-212 Social Problems
    SOC-213 Sociology Health & Illness
    SOC-216 Sociology of Deviance

    Spanish Language & Culture 
    SPA-101 Elementary Spanish 1  
    SPA-102 Elementary Spanish 2 
    SPA-201 Intermediate Spanish 1
    SPA-202 Intermediate Spanish 2

    Allied Health
    ALH-106 Basic Life Support

    BIO-212 Radiobiology 

    CHM-111 Introductory Chemistry Lab  

    Computer Information Technology
    CIT-600 Introduction to Windows  
    CIT-601 Introduction to Internet Research
    CIT-602 Presentation Graphics: Powerpoint
    CIT-604 Electronic Spreadsheets: Excel
    CIT-606 Database Management: Access
    CIT-607 Office Management Outlook
    CIT-615 Computer Applications in Health Care

    EDU-115 Intro to PRAXIS I  
    EDU-130 Behavioral Mgt in the Classroom    
    EDU-131 Colab to Create Learner-Ctr Classroom 
    EDU-132 Bully Prevention in Schools
    EDU-139 Phys Res/Non-Violent Forms Intervntn
    EDU-140 Tch Child/Behav Disorder Reg Educ
    EDU-141 Multicultural/Village
    EDU-142 Understand Emotional Intelligence
    EDU-143 Work W/Multiple Intelligence   

    Health Physical Education
    HPE-101 Aerobic Dance 
    HPE-102 Aerobic Fitness 
    HPE-107 Basketball and Softball 
    HPE-117 Fitness Walking 
    HPE-121 Racquetball and Paddleball  
    HPE-123 Jogging 
    HPE-127 Personal Physical Fitness 
    HPE-128 Physical Cond/Weight Train 1

    PSY-115 Stress Management