• CCAC Alumni Opportunity Scholarship

    CCAC is continuing to celebrate over 50 years of helping students achieve success. As part of this, we are asking for your help as a graduate of CCAC in generously supporting CCAC students. We are raising funds to establish the CCAC 50th Anniversary Alumni Scholarship – a scholarship now celebrating over 50 years of CCAC, made possible by CCAC alumni for the direct benefit of CCAC students.

    Why should I give?
    Students are the reason CCAC is here, but sometimes they need a little extra assistance. The CCAC Educational Foundation exists to provide scholarship and loan programs to our students, and to seek private grant support for college projects.

    How will my gift be used?
    Your entire gift will go on to support CCAC students through the CCAC 50th Anniversary Alumni Scholarship. If you wish to support another fund, you may do so.

    How do I participate?
    You can make a one-time gift by submitting a check* or by using our online donation site. You may also contact the CCAC Educational Foundation at 412.237.4656 or at edfdn@ccac.edu to donate via phone or email. The CCAC Educational Foundation is also able to accept appreciated securities and memorial or honorary gifts.

    New Donate Now
    How will my participation help?
    No matter the size, each and every gift helps build the future of the college and our students. Make your donation count and support the CCAC 50th Anniversary Alumni Scholarship today!

    Some considerations for giving to the CCAC 50th Anniversary Alumni Scholarship:
    1. Give $20.17 in honor of CCAC's 51st year of operation.
    2. Give an amount per month or year equal to the year you graduated CCAC
    3. Give $83.33 per month for a yearly donation of $1,000
    4. Give $10 per month for a yearly donation of $120
    5. Give $25 per month for a yearly donation of $300
    6. Give $104.75, the cost for one CCAC credit
    7. Give $314.25-the cost for a three-credit course at CCAC

    *Send checks to…
    CCAC Educational Foundation
    Byers Hall, Room 102
    808 Ridge Avenue
    Pittsburgh, PA 15212