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    CCAC offers affordable tuition, financial aid to those who qualify & state-of-the-art facilities. The average trades class size is 16 students per course and many programs offer both day and evening classes to meet your needs. The following degrees or certificates can be earned in two years or less. In addition to formal education, skilled trade occupations often require apprenticeships and professional licenses. 

    Industry Experienced Faculty: The faculty are not only academically qualified to teach but they also have “real-world experience ” in their field. You will not only learn the technical skills needed to be a successful student but also the skills needed to be a successful professional. Find a sample of our high-demand programs below. Click on the image for more information or to enroll.

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  • Midnight Welding is Back!!

    Welding 1

    Don't miss out. Classes are small and seats are filling fast for the September 5 semester! 
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    CCAC’s “Midnight Welding” program was first offered in 2010 in response to increased demand for welding classes at the college’s West Hills Center in Oakdale. The program offers an opportunity for incumbent workers, people with childcare concerns and others to train for a new career in just one semester. In 16 weeks, students who complete the course will be prepared to take the industry certification exam from the American Welding Society and will be ready for entry-level employment.


    · 16 weeks to work, then earn wages & valuable work experience while earning
    advanced welding certifications on Saturday. 
    · Earn the same professional welding certifications faster while saving 75%
    compared to other schools.


      · Train broadly across vehicle manufacturers or you can choose to specialize in one of our 3
    domestic manufacturer programs in conjunction with either General Motors, Ford or Chrysler.
    ·CCAC's automotive certificate program can be completed in 18 months or less while
    the associate  degree programs can be completed in less than 2 years of full-time study.
    · High paying career in advanced manufacturing – electronics, robotics, three-D printing
    · Cracker ready Process Control education
    8 months to work, earn wages and valuable experience while finishing your degree.
    · Earn the same credentials while saving 75% compared to other schools.