• Mechatronics-Open Entry, Open Exit

    US Department of Labor (Bureau of Labor Statistics)*,  As engineers design and build new equipment in the manufacturing field, and employ new technology to improve productivity and reduce costs, employment of electro-mechanical (mechatronics) technicians should also increase. Having skill in Mechatronics Technology allows these technicians to work on a wide variety of equipment in the Manufacturing Industry. Electro-mechanical technicians can earn a wage of $24.91/hour or $51,820 annually.*(*www.bls.gov).

    CCAC has created an Open Entry, Open Exit format to enhance your Mechatronics Skills.

    Courses and Investments

    Our state of the art mechatronics lab will be open and staffed with expert instructors on Tuesday & Thursday Evenings and Fridays during the day.

                Here is how to get started:

    • Choose the Mechatronics Modules that fit your needs
    • Review the Skills List to determine if you/your employee are prepared to begin the modules chosen. 
    • Register on-line, or call 412-788-7537 and enroll in the course of your choice.
    • Investment includes up to three employees/individuals so you invest the same amount for 1, 2, or 3 participants.
    • Sessions include, printed curriculum LAPS (learning assistance packets) use of lab, staffed with trained facilitator available for individual attention.


    For additional information or to schedule a tour of Mechatronic Lab and Equipment, call or email Brian Hannon at 412.788.7357

    Corporate clients, customized program can be arranged for your employees on a contract basis.  Most Mechatronics modules are eligible for reimbursement through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's WedNet Program.  Contact Brian Hannon at 412.788.7357

    Credit Classes

    Interested in our credit mechatronics programs, please contact The West Hills Center at 412-788-7500 or visit our Online Catalog.