• College Council Subcommittees

    "The College Council and its sub-committees will be responsible for recommendations regarding policy and academic procedure formulation, review of policy and procedure implementation, and recommendations for policy and academic procedure modification."
    Collective Bargaining Agreement between CCAC and AFT Local 2067 for 2014-2017

    Academic Planning - reviews academic staffing, recommends the academic calendar and reviews programs.

    Academic Standards and Student Affairs - responsible for recommendations regarding student issues such as admissions, advising, registration, records, testing, and grading as well as student problems.

    Curriculum - responsible for making recommendation regarding the adoption, deletion and revision of courses and programs.

    Assessment and Research - makes recommendations regarding distance learning, provides avenues for data, supports creative initiatives for the college community, and has oversight of the assessment program and process.

    Subcommittee Meeting Schedule



    September 6

    January 17

    September 20

    February 7

    October 4

    February 21

    October 18

    March 7

    November 1

    March 21

    November 15

    April 4

    December 6

    April 18 (Spring Break-No Meeting)


    May 2

    Wednesday March 27th is the last day of the academic year the initiator of a proposal may notify the College community of the details of a proposal. April 4th is the last meeting a Subcommittee will accept new proposals.