• Fixed Assets


    The College recognizes that it is desirable to maintain a complete and accurate accounting of all movable equipment. The College further recognizes that it cannot commit the resources necessary to maintain a complete, up-to-date, and accurate record of the whereabouts of all such equipment. In an effort to balance the prohibitive cost of a totally accurate inventory with the potential benefits, the College has developed procedures that are designed to assure substantially correct results. The purpose of the inventory procedures is to assist in indentifying losses should they occur and in obtaining insurance reimbursement. The purpose is also to comply with the provisions of certain grants, which provided equipment to the College. 

    • The College has set a fixed assets threshold of $1,500.00. 
    • Fixed assets are any kind of piece of equipment (medical, vehicles, physical education, etc.), audio visual equipment (cameras, TV's, VCR's, video projectors, etc.), furniture, computer software, and computer equipment (computers, printers, scanners, etc.) that has an acquisition value (cost per item) of $1,500 or greater and an expected useful life in excess of one year. 
    • Anything else with an acquisition value of below $1,500 is to be expensed.

    Fixed Asset Policy

    Fixed Assets Forms

    Equipment (Other than Donations) Transaction Report Form is to be used to request from the accounting department that a piece of furniture or equipment needs to be removed from inventory or is being transferred from campus to campus or room to room within a campus or center. 

    Donated Equipment Transaction Report Form is only to be used for adding donated equipment to the College inventory.

    The Request for Disposal of Surplus Sale Items is to be used for equipment that has been removed from the inventory list and will be sold through a surplus sale. Surplus Sale Transaction Report Form


    Documentation on the TAP procedure can be found at the Colleague Training Moodle website within the purchasing and financial topic. To access, log into Moodle using your Network ID and password. If you do not have a Moodle account, please contact the Information Technology Services Department, ITS service desk at help@servicedesk.ccac.edu for one.

    Documentation on the fixed assets policies and regulations can be found. click on Fiscal (V.00) under the column regulation number. This will then bring up a PDF file and then go to Policy Number 6.7: Movable Equipment Inventory or you can download the word document for Community College of Allegheny County's fixed assets policy.