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    Please use this form to submit an initial request for grant writing consideration. This walk-through will help you organize your project into a funding opportunity. Learn more about the grant life cycle and find further instructions here.

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    1. Assess your goals.    All grant writers/initiators face the same first question: Is this the right grant for what I want to create or accomplish? A prospective grant writer must be sure that there is a good fit between the goals and the objectives of their project and the interest of the funder. Projects should have a directed plan with measurable results.
    2. Research funder.    Each funding source, whether it is federal or state, has a specific area of interest for each grant opportunity. Once it is clear what the funder needs to justify its award, the grant writer has a clearer idea of what type of project could get funded. It is wise to investigate others who have successfully acquired funds from the same source. 
     3. Assess project fit.   Projects need support at both the Campus and College administrative level. Contact the college Director of Contracts & Grants to determine whether or not the project is within the mission and goals of the college or your Campus Occupational Dean to see if the project fits the scope of interest of the Campus.
     4. Plan the timeline.   The grant writer needs to develop an earnest timeline that includes every task and element necessary to complete the proposal with sufficient time before the deadline to undergo internal review. It is imperative that the grant writer takes time initially to plan each task and event and place it on a real timeline that takes the proposal from initiation to the funder.

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