• ITS: Employee Network Account

    A Network Account is required for accessing any CCAC Network Resources.  Acquiring a Network Account allows you to log-in to the CCAC network from any campus PC, use local PC software and resources, and access remote data on the network for collaboration. Without a Network Account, you cannot log-in or use any campus PC or any CCAC Network Resources.

    Everyone using the network should be aware of the CCAC policies regarding network access. ITS: Guidelines and Standards.

    This one login ID and password are used to access:

    To Request a Network Account for a New Employee

    The supervisor must email a Network Account Request form request to appropriate ITS personnel with the following new employee information:

    • First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name
    • Colleague ID# (required)
    • Campus or College Center
    • Department
    • Job Title
    • Type of Employment (Full-time, Part-time)
    • Employee Status (Administrator, Faculty, Staff)
    • Employee's Start Date
    • Supervisor's Name
    • Supervisor's Phone
    • Comments

    When you click on the Network Account Request Form link above, a form for you to complete will display. Please complete all of the information before submitting. Upon clicking submit, the form will be routed to the ITS ServiceDesk. 

    Guest accounts and temporary accounts are available only on a limited basis. See Network Account Procedures.

    To Request a Change to an Existing Network Account

    All requests for changes and deactivations must go through the Human Resources department.  If an employee is leaving your department, you can discuss your needs with the HR staff to determine the best way to set delegate access and maintain business continuity. Human Resources staff will initiate change requests with the ITS department.

    How long does an Employee Account remain active? 

    Employee accounts will remain active for the length of employment at CCAC. Accounts will be suspended or deactivated by Human Resources when an employee leaves the college or is on leave. Human Resources will also deactivate accounts for Adjunct Faculty who have not been employed for a period greater than one year.


    Once you receive your network username and initial password, you will reset your password to one that you can remember. Keep your passwords private; this plays an important role in keeping CCAC information assets secure. See passwords and password change procedures.

    NetID Verification

    Credit and Non-credit Department Heads, Directors and Coordinators can submit a request via the ServiceDesk for the Campus Computer Lab technicians to create or verify NetIDs ahead of time for those short-term, one-day workshops, in order to save time during the class session for students to create their own accounts. 

    Director, Coordinator or Instructor will email the Servicedesk at least 3 days before the workshop to request an account. Person requesting the netids should supply the following information:

    • Section Number and term
    • Date(s) of Class
    • Faculty Name and Email Address (only ccac email please)
    • Coordinator/ Director Name
    • Roster of student names and IDs

    On the day of the class, students who experience problems with the NetID, or those who register onsite that day, may contact the Campus Computer lab to reset their password or create a guest account.

    More Information

    • Please review the Network User ID Policy to understand your responsibilities in utilizing network resources.
    • See Network Pages for more information about the CCAC network.
    • Some departments may obtain a departmental network account if needed for marketing and publications.
    • Download the Guide to Employee Accounts for Faculty.



    At-A-Glance Summary





    EMPID (Employee Network Account)

    All CCAC employees, including adjunct credit and non-credit faculty                  


    HR or Supervisor will submit the Network Account Request Form to their appropriate ITS Field Director

    NETID (Student Network Account)        

    All CCAC students,
    including credit and

    bsmit244 or barbara.smith (students new to system after December 2013)

    Student can create their own NetID by logging on to http://netid.ccac.edu

    Directors or Coordinators may submit request through ITS ServiceDesk for ITS staff to create NetID accounts prior to first class session.

    DEPARTMENTAL Account  

    Marketing or Business Continuity


    A Departmental Email Account can be requested from ITS; the request should provide justification for the account. The ITS Network Services Director must approve the request.

    GUEST Account

    Emergency Use Special Circumstances Library Community Patrons            


    A Guest Account may be created by ServiceDesk or Campus Ed Techs for an individual who is having a problem creating a NetID. These will expire in 2 weeks.

    TEMPORARY  Account  

    Workshops, Events, First week of Class, Short-term Use ONLY                    

    AL-STUDENT01 (from Helpdesk)
    AL-SC01 (from Campus)              

    Coordinator and Instructor will call or email ServiceDesk at least 3 days before the workshop to request an account. ServiceDesk will supply the ID and password; password will be reset after conclusion of workshop/event.

    PARTNER Account

    Non-CCAC Employee
    representing outside organization within   CCAC                 


    Partner will request account via Human Resources, with approval of Senior Management.