• Email ListServs

    Mailing Lists can be managed through a ListServ for a specific purpose when a group of internal and external individuals have a common topic to discuss. The ITS Network Services division can provide this service to CCAC groups who wish to communicate with a targeted audience about a specific program or service. A list administrator must be identified; this employee agrees to serve as list administrator and moderator. Additional moderators may be identified by the list administrator. The list administrator will assume the responsibility that all email communications via the listserv will adhere to College email policies.

    See Article IX CCAC Regulations, Employee Code of Conduct and Network User ID Policy on the ITS Policies page.

    To request a listserv:

    1. Email the CCAC ServiceDesk to submit your request to Network Services. Include the purpose of the list, a description of your intended audience, and the name of the CCAC employee who will administer and moderate the listserv.
    2. If your request is approved, the list administrator will attend consultation and training in list administration. 
    3. The list administrator will set up all options for the list, in consultation with ITS.
    4. The list administrator will conduct some testing with a small group of interested employees.
    5. The list administrator will promote the listserv to the intended audiences. All messages to the list must include an option for unsubscribing in the footer.


    Current CCAC mailing listservs:
    ITS Servicedesk Alerts