• Outlook Bulletin Board

    Instructions for Using the CCAC Bulletin Board

    The CCAC Bulletin Board is the service where employees should post announcements of interest to their colleagues in lieu of utilizing Outlook email. Examples of postings to the Bulletin are:

    • CCAC Theater Events
    • Birth Announcements
    • CCAC sponsored medical services such as flu shots, medical screenings
    • Pet Adoptions
    • Bereavement Notices
    • Student Activity Events

    Examples of unacceptable postings are:

    • Postings which violate the CCAC Email Code of Ethics
    • Announcements for events sponsored by external agencies
    • Political announcements
    • For Profit activities to include selling items

    To view the Bulletin Board, go to the Public Folders on your Folders List in Outlook email.

    All postings will remain for 7 consecutive days and then will be automatically deleted. The file size of any posting cannot exceed 3 MB.