• Programs for Students with Disabilities

    Promoting Academic Success (PAS)

    SDS-102 PAS is a one credit course for high school seniors who desire an opportunity to explore post-secondary options. This is an enhanced orientation course specially designed for students with learning differences. Students will focus on effective strategies for transitioning from a high school setting to a post-secondary education.

    The course is offer in the spring semester at the four campuses as well as West Hills Center and Washington County Center. It meets once a week for eight sessions.

    This program is sponsored by the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) with support from the local school district. 

    Learning Disabilities Learning Community

    The Learning Disabilities Learning Community is a special program for CCAC students who have a documented learning disability (LD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and who score into the college's developmental level math, reading or English courses.

    These classes are taught by department professors who have extensive experience with the needs of LD and ADD students. The learning community eases the transition into college. Applicants should apply to the College and take placement testing through the Supportive Services office on the Allegheny Campus.

     South Campus Supportive Services Block Schedule 

    CCAC, South Campus is excited to announce a new opportunity for students with learning differences. South Campus will be hosting a Supportive Services block schedule to provide students with additional support as they transition from the High School to the College learning environment. The instructors for this program care about the needs of students with disabilities and will work closely with the Director of the Supportive Services Office to provide additional support for students. Additionally, the SDS 102 class will directly address the needs and transition process for students with disabilities.

    Students would be eligible for this program if they have a documented disability and place into developmental Reading and English courses. Interested students should apply to the college and schedule placement testing through the South Campus Supportive Services Office by calling 412-469-6207.

    Questions about this program can be addressed to Carissa Monaco, Director of Supportive Services, at 412-469-6215 or cmonaco@ccac.edu.

    Days and Times of Classes

    DVS 070 M 9:00-10:40
                    WF 9:00-9:50

    DVS 060 WF 10:00-10:50

    ENG 089 MWF 12:00-12:50

    SDS 102 M 2:00-2:50


  • Contact Supportive Services for Students with Disabilities

    Sumana Misra-Zets
    Civil Rights Compliance Officer/Title IX Coordinator
    CCAC-Allegheny Campus 
    Byers Hall, Room 316 

    Allegheny Campus
    Lori Hamblin
    Director, Disability Services 
    Library Building-Room 114
    412.237.4612 Voice
    412.237.4552 (TTY)

    Boyce Campus
    Megan McCormick
    Director, Disability Services
    North Wing-Room N560
    724.325.6604 Voice
    724.325.6733 (TTY)

    North Campus
    Christopher Richardson
    Director, Disability Services
    Room 1008
    412.369.3649 Voice
    412.369.4110 (TTY)

    South Campus
    Carissa Monaco 
    Director, Disability Services
    Building B-Room 311
    412.469.6207 Voice
    412.469.6005 (TTY)