• Workforce Training: RN/LPN Clinical Only Refresher

    The RN/LPN refresher course is designed to provide meaningful instruction and practice for the inactive nurse to assist in the development of skills and knowledge required to assume a position as a staff nurse on a medical surgical unit. Contemporary nursing activities such as the role of the RN and LPN will be covered in theory class with the opportunity to practice and develop nursing skills in a hospital setting.

    Program Requirements:  Students must have a current Pennsylvania Nursing License or confirmation of past licensing through validation with the PA State Board of Nursing.  Each candidate participating in the clinical experience is required to provide criminal and child abuse background check and immunization verification.  This information can be found by doing a “google” search for: http://www.psp.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/community/psp/4451 and https://www.compass.state.pa.us/CWIS/Public/Clearance websites.  This information is covered in detail at the “mandatory orientation session” prior to acceptance into program.  See immunization information on page 3. 

    License Reactivation Students:  The student must contact the PA Board of Nursing at 717.783.7142 to receive the “PA Board of Nursing Reactivation Requirements Information” booklet prior to acceptance into the program. The student with an “inactive license” will be required to take and pass an NLN test at the completion of this program for license reactivation.  One seating for the NLN is included in the tuition.

    Additional Information:   Malpractice insurance is included in tuition. Testing is planned throughout the program and students must maintain a 76% class average as well as passing the clinical component to receive a certificate. Textbooks are required for students; they will be available the first week of class.  Tuition does not include book cost. Attendance is mandatory; there will be only one excused clinical absence with a required make up day.  All clinical time must be satisfied in order to receive a certificate and/or sit for the NLN.  All medical requirements must be complete and on file with CCAC prior to attending clinical.

    The Community College of Allegheny County makes every effort to provide accessible facilities and programs for individuals with disabilities. For accommodations please contact the Office of Supportive Services for Students with Disabilities at your campus of choice

    Clinical Competencies/Skills Opportunities

    The following knowledge/skills will be covered at clinical as available in post conference and by patient opportunities.

    • A working knowledge of the role of registered and licensed practical nurses in a medical/surgical setting.
    • An increased understanding of pharmacology and medical terminology
    • The ability to identify and diagnose various illnesses through assignments
    • Improved communication and problem-solving skills
    • An awareness of trends and legislation in the medical arena
    • An expanded awareness of the nursing process
    • Topics which may include any of the following;  Legal and Ethical concern/s; Pharmacology; GI Disorders; Nutrition
    • Cardiovascular System; Respiratory System assessment
    • IV Therapy (medication administration); Musculoskeletal
    • Computer system uses in health care
    • Gynecological Disorders; STD
    • Pediatric Basics; Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders
    • Neurology; Psychology Review
    • Maternity Review; Professional Preparedness

    The Community College of Allegheny County makes every effort to provide accessible facilities and programs for individuals with disabilities. For accommodations, please contact the Office of Supportive Services with Disabilities at your campus of choice.


    If you have an HMO or other managed-care plan, start there.

    If not, start with the Allegheny County Health Department.  If you have a record of your past immunizations, take the record with you along with the form provided.  All immunizations can be obtained for the lowest cost at the Health Department.  

    Allegheny County Health Department
    Forbes Medical Building ~ Immunizations
    3441 Forbes Avenue, Third Floor, Oakland
    Telephone: (412) 578-8060
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday:  9a.m. ~ 4p.m.
    Wednesday:  1p.m. ~ 8p.m.


    Hepatitis B Vaccine -    Per injection 51.00 X3 inj.                       

    Measles Titer -              15.00/*20.00

    Hepatitis B Immunity    25.00/*30.00

    Mumps Titer -               15.00/*20.00

    Rubella Titer -               15.00/*20.00       

    MMR Vaccine -            75.00 x2/28 days (no individual vac)

    Varicella Titer -            15.00/*20.00                                

    Varicella Vaccine -      120.00 x2/28 days

    TB Test ~ Call TB Clinic at 412-578-8162 ~ 2 step required @ 1st step 25.00; 2nd @ 10.00


    Lawrenceville office 3901 Penn Ave, 412-578-8162


    CCAC IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PRICE CHANGES BY THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT.  *Test result turnaround time is 3-4 weeks minimum. Can pick-up with picture ID!

    ~ Women who have been pregnant may have had a rubella titer done at the time of their pregnancy examination.  Call your gynecologist’s office for this information.  If you have had the test and the results indicate immunity, ask for a copy of the results and attach it to the Information Form.

    Rev: Feb 2017                                   Not responsible for fee changes

  • Location: Boyce Campus

    Course #: XGB005-3201

    Start Date: September 25 End: Date December 4, 2018

    MANDATORY Call at the time of registration for pre-requisites & medical guidelines

    First week:
    Tuesday 8:30 am-4:30pm

    Remaining Weeks:

    EARLY REGISTRATION will prevent course cancelation due to low enrollment

    Registration call 412-788-7546

    Tuition: $949.00


    Marilynn J. Toth,
    Coordinator, Health Education Programs
    Call for wait list