• Meet the CCAC Faculty Caroline Seeton

    Name: Caroline Seeton

    Title:Adjunct Math Professor

    Year joined CCAC: 2012. I started as a tutor in the Math Café and in 2015 I started teaching developmental math courses

    Courses currently taught:
    MAT080 and MAT090

    Most memorable CCAC experience:  When I used to work in the Math Café, people used to stop in looking for food, thinking it was a "café"! How disappointed they were to just find more math, but I did get them to stay and chat for a little!

    Why I teach what I teach: 
    The foundation of math is taught in the developmental classes. I like to build that strong foundation. I feel that a lot of times teachers want things taught and regurgitated back to them the way the teacher wants it done. I try to teach several different ways to get to the same answer and also show not just the how but the why. For visual learners, this is very beneficial. Once you have a strong foundation, math just can more easily build on that.

    Something people might not know about me: 
    I am a huge Penn State sports fan. That's my alma mater and I still have season football tickets!

    Favorite quote: 
    "Winners never cheat, and cheaters never win."