• Transforming Leaders by Developing People and Cultures 

    (Professional Development Series)
    Sponsored by CCAC & 3LG Solutions, LLC

    Course Description
    This course is designed to develop leaders through cutting-edge leadership development, change leadership strategies and individual and group assessments. Based on a three distinct topics, or modules, the program emphasizes: (1) Self-Leadership, (2) Coaching/Mentoring, and (3) Leading Culture. Self-leadership is designed to identify a personal leadership style and reveal a leader’s strengths, weaknesses and behavioral tendencies. Clients will gain an understanding of how these traits apply to leading others in the organization. Participants will also learn how to coach and mentor employees within their organization. Finally, the course will focus on the process of change and engagement, in which students will be given the tools needed to develop great cultures within an organization.

    This program is designed to transfer knowledge using 1.) Individual and group sessions, (2), skill acquisition and (3) team facilitations. The emphasis of the course is to introduce a leadership philosophy that can be adapted to meet the needs of any company through change leadership and initiative so that the company may experience unparalleled success.
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